Sunday, July 18, 2010

Gerbang Malam , Ipoh

Gerbang Malam is a very popular night market in Ipoh selling mostly cheap bundle item . Without Gerbang Malam , Ipoh would definitely be a boring city at night . Gerbang Malam gives you the reason to explore the city at night.The night market is located at Jalan Tahwil Azhar or besides the Bank Simpanan Nasional and open from 7 pm to 2 am.


  1. Assalamualaikum, dah popped up!! :)

    This is the first I heard of Gerbang Malam. Had not been to Ipoh in a while but my impression of Ipoh is of a quiet, boring town. But it does not mean it is bad. In fact it is good to be boring.

  2. welcome back OG.You are a very talented writer and i know that you just can't dissapear from the blogging world.

    It's all about perception . Your backyard could be full of new things if you just change your perceptions.

  3. salam, too..never heard of it..must make a point the next time I am in Ipoh..thank you..that your 1yr-old in the pram?..cute..

  4. btul tu pakmat , tak ramai org tahu pasal tempat ni.yup that's my junior

  5. hi xplorer,

    thanks for sharing the info.
    bial ke ipoh tak tau nak ke mana.
    next week i'm going to Kedah and penang. rasa nak singgah ipoh saja-saja.

  6. catz- jgn lupa singgah kedai ikan bakar din kat kepala batas .

  7. I 'm not familiar with Ipoh at all:( But if a night market can bring more zest and make it it a sociable happening, it's good.

  8. keats- same like me .never in my life would i imagine that i would like ipoh . after getting to know ipoh , it was not so bad after all .

  9. Xplorer

    Ada 2 gerbang - satu Gerbang Malam dan satu satu Gerbang Down Memory Lane setiap pagi Ahad - rujuk blog saya.