Sunday, July 11, 2010

Gunung Lang Recreation Park , Ipoh

view from the jetty
man made waterfalls

boat to the park
glimpse of the park
my wife
my family

the park

Follow my instinct and travel beyond the ridden path and found this place during my recent visit to ipoh. This place was not listed in the perak tourism website nor it was listed in the tourism map commonly found at the hotel lobby although this park was maintained by the state government .Truely this place was an underdog , from my observation there was only one signboard directing you to this place although it was located less than one kilometer from the north south highway exit. When i first arrived , i was nearly fooled by the simplicity of its entry gateway and the first statement that come from my mouth was "tempat ni biasa je ni , macam takde apa sangat ni , malaslah nak singgah" . Lucky i had made that pit stop or else i would never had found this unique place.

Honestly this place got a lot of potential and i could say that it was one of its kind in Malaysia as far as i know.It was very unique due to the fact that the park was located in an enclave of limestone hills and separated by a vast natural lake from its entrance.From the entrance you will only see a small jetty . There was no notice board saying that there is a big park at the other end of the lake and i had initially thought that the jetty was meant for water recreation purposes . The park was slightly hidden from the jetty and the only way to go there was by boat( rm 3 for a two way journey for adult).

The journey will took you approximately 10 minutes across the lake . The view of the limestone hill was awesome . There was nothing much that you can do here rather than strolling around and marvel the natural beauty of this area. Yep there was an ostrich and deer kept in a cage but i felt it was out of place here . The focus should be more on landscape rather than an animal park and you should let loose the deer for more thrill . There a a few traditinal malay house in this park but honestly the house got no soul and plastik . If you want to showcase a traditional malay house at least you should put some effort towards it , a good example on how things should had been done is the KAMPUNG BUDAYA SARAWAK. Again this place got a lot of potential but very little was done to promote this area.
**message to the PERAK state goverment - please wake up and spruce up that place . You got an unpolished gems here .Gunung Lang is indeed unique. Need to put up more sign boards especially at the highway to divert some traffic to this area.
Overall experience - B+


  1. rajin ko jalan jalan satu family kan..:)

  2. axim - it's time to repay what my parent had done for me .

  3. My wife is from Kuala Kangsar and we have a kampong house there. Might be giving this a visit next time we pass.

  4. bestnya.. yang man made waterfall tu nampak macam lauterbrunnen la pulak hehe.. cantik..

  5. HARIS - welcome to my blog . you should visit there . You have a kampung house in kuala kangsar - i love the serenity of kuala kangsar , i wish i have a kampung there

    lady - lauterbrunnen kat swiss lagi majestic . air terjun ni kecik jer

  6. bakal menjadi kawasan jajahan gue nih nanti xplorer!!!! tompek baru den nih

  7. bilenyer kome nak tukor cakap nogorie ke perok .

  8. ater nyerrr... bahase peghak ni teman gagei ler skettt... kadang2 tak paham! Peghak utara, sama cam aku cakap cakap utagha larrrr

  9. eden bilo cakap perok , bunyi mcm ckp omputeh slang australia , lagi teruk

  10. owhhh sungguh janggal diri ku membaca tulisan kamu di dalam bahasa Perak... Macam nak terguling-guling tatkala membaca tulisan kamu dalam bahasa nogori masa dulu-dulu... [ayat formal pulak!] Har har har....
    walla weiiii.... belasah je kojap nogori, kejap kaghang Peghak, lenkali kechek kelate. Suma taram je... ngeeee