Tuesday, July 06, 2010

On Becoming a millionaire!?

I Guess that everyone had dreamt on becoming a millionaire. When i was a kid i would dreamt on becoming a millionaire.Sometime i would spent hours thinking what it would be like if i could buy anything that you wish in this world. As i grow up , i would then realised that making your first million is not as easy as i would think .
Now 8 years on working , the thought of making my first million slowly dissapear , but not completely though . What i have now compare to what it would be like if i have one million cash??..hmm , looking at my life now i guess that i do not need one million . I have my wife which i love the most and seeing my daughter laugh while playing hide and seek is enough to make me feel like a billionaire . I feel blessed , no amount of money in the world could buy me pure happiness . Some people work their ass up so that they could earn more money which they think would make them happy , it's not a sin to work hard but some people just don't realised that what they are looking for in their life is actually there just besides them.
Happiness is a state of mind , you can't tell a farmer that they are less succesful just because they earn less than you are . They might even led a more meaning life than you are . So you tell me would you feel better if you have one million cash stash away in your bank account???

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