Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wasabi n soup

It's been a while since my last entry.To tell you the truth , there's nothing interesting happening in my life lately , it's same old same old.I guess the most interesting thing that i did in the past two weeks was putting wasabi in everyting that i eat just for fun .From nasi goreng , laksa , maggi and murtabak , everyting is added with wasabi. For your info i love wasabi and i eat wasabi just like i eat a chocolate.(yes i do eat plain wasab while watching my favourite tv show).

I had added wasabi in my beef soup and honestly i was suprise the way it subtly alters the overall flavour of my soup.I just love it and i make a point nowadays to add a bit wasabi whenever i eat my soup during buka puasa.

My wife would geleng kepala whenever she sees my antics but said nothing else as she knows vey well my eccentricity.If my mother and my late grandmother sees my antics the first thing that will come out from their mouth is MEREPEK!!! .kah kah kah .


  1. Yup, quite a long time since your last entry. Wondered where you have been then.. but since you're back, I have no more questions.

    Err.. quite a strange interest there xplorer. I can accept eating Wasabi with other things but eating it alone while watching TV is.. unique.

    Tak sakit perut ke? Hehe!

  2. kalau makan sushi i jarang cicah wasabi ni sebab to me rasa dia macam liquid paper hehehe

  3. Maybe puasa has also changed your sense of taste brother!

  4. hairil - there is actually a technic on how to eat wasabil without getting stung by it.that's why i manage to eat it while watching tv, he he

    lady - kalau mcm tu liquid paper is as good as wasabi , he he

    haris - i'm always like this haris , weird as always

  5. I'm thinking of trying the same. I'll look for wasabi in a tube like yours. There is so much benefit in wasabi you know. It is rather "merepek" though, your mom and grandma would be right.

    I nak ucap Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin, to you and family. Nanti cerita pasai Raya! :)

  6. kak aishah - you should definitely try it , it will alters the overall taste and make it better .selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin to you also