Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hari Raya Activity

my parent and my sister
my grand uncle in penang

at one of my auntie house in puchong

my inlaw
my auntie
xplorer n family
It had been a very busy and fullfilling Hari Raya .
first hari raya
at my inlaw house and then my parent house . At night my parent organized a big makan-makan which were attended by my close family member .

Second day
we went to my auntie and sister house . At night our relatives visited us and lasted until 11 pm.

third day
visited my neighbour house and then proceed to my relative house in tapah , beruas and then penang.

fourth day
went to my auntie house in bayan lepas and jelutong . After that we went for a jalan-jalan cari makan at georgetown

fifth day
Currently busy packing as we are going to perlis to visit my uncle .
Memang Raya sakan betul tahun ni , he he.But then again hari raya is all about visiting relatives and friends and to forgive and forget.
will update later


  1. happy family...meriahnya
    selamat hari raya...

  2. xplorer looked handsome in that red baju melayu!
    No.. no.. I am not asking for duit raya with that compliment. Tapi kalau nak beri rim kete baru ok juga.


    Loved to see Hari Raya pictures at everybody's blog.. kalau-kalau rupanya ada bersaudara bau-bau bacang ke.. possible tuh!

  3. keats n syarliz- thank you

    masmz - kedatangan ekau sentiaso ededn alu-alukan dengan sekeping angpau kosong, he he

    hairil - he he , baru je bukak blog hari ni , mmg sibuk btul hari raya tahun ni

  4. Happy belated hari raya bro! Maaf Zahir Batin!

  5. aik..no censor already aarr??hehehee

  6. gambar dah diluluskan lembaga penapisan