Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Picnic with my family at Ulu Yam

The whole family went to Ulu Yam recently for a short break . The area had change tremendously , nowadays the forestry department charge you RM 1 entrance fee , which we gladly pay looking at amount of works that had been done to spruce up the place . Kudos to the state government for sprucing up this place .
Honestly i love ulu yam , the water is crystal clear , the place is clean and well kept and the only bad thing about this place is that it was crowded especially during weekend . Ulu yam is a fine example that you don't need to go to europe to enjoy yourselves.


  1. Pernah ajak wife sy ke sini tapi kena reject everytime. Dia kata security factor tak bpa bagus.

    Mgkn tu time weekdays tak ramai.
    Apa pendapat xplorer?

  2. hairil - tempat tu dah ok dah skang , dah ada orang jaga , dulu tempat tu mmg terpencil , kalau ada masa pergi ler

  3. tak pernah pergi jugak..rasanya nak include jugak lah air terjun dalam my list of activities..