Saturday, October 30, 2010

Temerloh n kuala gandah

sungai temerloh
pekan sari temerloh

pekan sari temerloh

ikan kederak/kenerak
ikan kelah

dinner at dataran patin

dataran patin

view from dataran patin restaurant

kuala gandah

the whole gang

kuala gandah

i had bring the whole family for a short 2 days 1 night holiday in temerloh .The whole family stayed in HOTEL SERI MALAYSIA . At rm 140 per night during weekend i guess it was a bit expensive as the hotel was a bit rundown but there was not many choice of accomodation and i guess in temerloh SERI MALAYSIA is the best. Do refer my previous posting on temerloh.

I guess i really love the small town of temerloh and me and my wife vow to go there again . Enroute to temerloh as usual we went to kuala gandah . When i went there previously JR seems not very interested in elephant but now at 18 months old , she was very giddy and excited in seeing the baby elephant . Seeing your daughter in that situation definitely brings the whole family joy and laughter and with that i guess i had achieve my goal in temerloh .

Initially i had plan to go to cover either tasik chini and tasik bera but due to time constraint we had to cancel our trip. I had cover almost everything on temerloh and kuala gandah on my previous posting . check it out for more info

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