Thursday, November 04, 2010

Hotel in Taipei - booking via AGODA.COM

actual view of my hotel via google earth
opposite the hotel- taipei arena also from google earth

sunworld hotel lounge

superior room

After searching for almost 3 hours on the net i finally found SUNWORLD DYNASTY HOTEL a nice , strategic 4 STAR hotel right in the center of Taipei financial district , next to ikea , opposite TAIPEI ARENA , 500 meter from NANJING MRT Station and a walking distance from a halal restaurant.
From the review on and blog everything seems positive.
Let me share with you my tips on how to search for a good hotel
1)choose an online booking platform that you are familiar with for eg or

2)choose a hotel and cross check with the hotel website incase if they offer more discount by booking directly . They are certain hotel chain which will give you a better discount if you book with them directly for eg ACCOR GROUP.Ibis hotel , holiday inn and etc falls under accor group

3)cross reference the hotel location with google earth . From google earth you could estimate on wheter the hotel is located near a specific area as claim . For me a hotel must be located near a public transportation system for eg an MRT , preferably a cool and hip area near a shopping mall.from google earth also you could study your route especially if it is your first time in that area . When you are actually there , you could easily get your bearing and walk like a pro to your destination.

4)Do not read the hotel website guest comment , it's all bullshit . search comment on specific hotel through blog ( . in this way you will get an honest comment about the hotel.

try it and you will never get lost!!


  1. Thanks for the tips. Never knew it could work that way!

    Anyway, nice looking hotel there :)
    Pegi sorang aje ke?

  2. hairil - this is always the way when i travel . pegi satu family.

  3. pergi ngan family yek.mest best!!