Tuesday, November 30, 2010

MAHA 2010

If you haven't been to MAHA i would recommend that you take a day off and find your way there . Where else you can find rabbits meat , satay ikan keli , jeli tebu , sup ikan air tawar and all other food stuff which was alien to you under one roof and best of all you can taste all of them as they willingly gave you free sample to try .
I started my way at 10 am and after 1 hour of browsing and window shopping , my stomach is full . But be careful on what you eat as after sampling more that 30 different type of food you might feel your stomach grumbling as it was like rojak inside there and not everybody could digest different type of food at one go .
For food lovers like me , i just love MAHA , but too bad i had to cut short my trip as it was raining cats and dogs.If you plan to go there , please!! PLEASE!! make sure that you arrive before 10 am or you will get stuck in a very longgggggggg traffic jam due to the crowd . THE RUMAH NEGERI is a must if you go to MAHA.It was very interactive and it showcase the specialty of food and culture of different states in malaysia . I had travel extensively all over Malaysia and yet i find it very refreshing and informative.
I was told that MAHA is the biggest of such event in MALAYSIA and ASEAN . Its open from 10 am to 10pm daily from 26th november to 6 December 2010 . To bad that it was to short , due to the overwhelming response i would recommend that the government extend it to one month .
for more info do visit MAHA official website HERE
overall experience : A

sate arnab
inside one of the exibition hall

sup ikan keli

rumah negeri melaka
phyton at rumah negeri PERLIS

sate keli - the best sate so far ,better than sate kajang

pottery at rumah negeri perak
entrance to pameran rumah negeri
LAMAN padi

shuttle bus inside MAHA

giant jack fruit - close to 50KG each


  1. Mak aiii... panjanggg nya ularrrr.... tak nak lahhh...!! -_-

  2. Satay Keli - outside of MAHA mana nak cari ya? Teringin sangat nak try!

    Nak pegi MAHA tapi program dah full..rugi rugi...

  3. cathj - not big enough for me , ha ha ha

    hairil - benda ni belum ada dalam pasaran still under RnD by mardi . target next year baru diaorg release kat market , but believe me it doesn't like an ikan keli at all

  4. Bestnya...tapi dah tak larat jalan lama2 skrg ni...:)

  5. rerama - lama tak nampak ? welcome back . kalau ada masa awak kena pegi sebab best.rasanya dah lebih setahun since kita last jumpa kan