Sunday, November 21, 2010

My new compact camera - SONY CYBERSHOT

I had always been a CANON person due to its performance and durable battery life . I had used CANON G11 , POWERSHOT before and all of them had never failed me . What i like about canon was that you can used your camera for 3 weeks on a single battery charge . If you are away on the road most of the time then CANON compact camera is for you . All my previous camera is bulky and i needed something which i could easily slid under my pocket . After trying out a few brand , i was quite impressed with the sony cybershot , function dia canggih ooo compare to my old canon camera . Cuma yang slack sikit dia punya battery life , kalau charge penuh dan guna banyak2 esok battery dah tinggal satu bar saja.
Overall comparison with canon
Battery life - canon is way much better
functionality - sony is better
sturdiness - canon is better
picture quality - for a compact camera sony is better but for SLR it's definitely canon


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