Friday, November 19, 2010

Taipei part 1

I was in Taipei recently for 5 days with my family for a short holiday . Normally 5 days is sufficient for me to cover all the major attraction listed in my lonely planet travel guide which i carries around in all my travel .Since my daughter was still recovering from her fever and cough furthermore the weather was quite cold at 16'C, i had to sacrifice my travel plan to accomodate my daughter condition . My daily travel plan is very light - go out at 11 am and by 4 pm come back to hotel . The weather was chilly , windy with slight breeze all day long . I had skipped the hotspring and nature park and spend most of the time indoor.
Travelling in Taipei was a breeze , i had travel using the public bus and MRT without any problem whatsoever. The public transportation system is cheap - the bus fare within the city limit is only RM 1.50 while the MRT will only cost you RM 2 .There was an obvious language problem everywhere but the local people are very helpful and friendly enough to assist you in your travel . Whenever i'm abroad i always like to travel like the local people do , using public transport as much as possible . In this way you will interact more with the local people and gain more knowledge .
I love taipei and i do recommend it more than hong kong and china . The people were friendly , the city was very clean , public transport is very efficient , language is a problem and sushi is damn cheap at RM 1 per piece, he he. Halal food is a problem here but sushi is everywhere and for sushi lover like me i guess i can survive, he he .
I guess you need at least 8 days to cover all the major attraction inside and outside taipei and i would recommend that you go to TAROKO or take the ALISHAN train ride . I didn't have the time to do but i would definitely come back .

inside bus G1 from maokong to TAIPEI 101
MAOKONG - highland resort area like cameron highland

XIMENDING - shopping district

my wife with TAIPEI 101 in the backround

Inside the floral expo

Inside taipei MRT

hotel room @ 93USD /night
scooter is everywhere


  1. wah welcome back... trip to taroko dekat dalam pamphlet tour hotel tu if im not mistaken kene overnight sebab dia pergi sun moon lake sekali kan, and tak silap kene naik flight pulak, may be next time.. hehe.. skuter banyak kan di sana.
    i agree, orang sana baik2 dan peramau cuma bahasa jadi masalah skit.. kedai sushi tu dekat mana ye?

  2. lady - btul tu taroko kena bermalam kat sana . memang ada tour day trip tapi kena naik flight n harga dia RM 500 per person , bagi saya mahal sangat . Saya ada jugak tgk city tour yg macam awak ambik yang pegi ke national palace museum and etc , harga dia RM90 tapi masalahnya dia pegi lima tempat dlm masa 3 jam . bagi saya kalau pi muzium besar n tempat lain dlm masa 3 jam saja memang tak cukup n confirm dlm tour tu keadaan tergesa-gesa which for me is not fun .
    Sushi tu kat dlm stesen TAIPEI MAIN TRAIN Station n YUANSHAN station. murah gile cuma rm 1 SEKEPING , kalau kat mesin dlm 4-5 ringgit jugak tu sekeping

  3. wow.. Taipei that cold yerr??? Never been to Taipei yet.. Thank you for sharing.. nice pic.. :D

  4. cathj - the waether was pleasant actually , i recommend that you go but travel to outskirt especially to ALISHAN n TAROKO

  5. Wah! Looked like a nice trip. I remember staying at the same hotel before, but back then it was called by a different name. I remember it from the pictures.

  6. haris - yup it was a nice trip and i will definitely go there again.when did you go there ?