Thursday, December 16, 2010

Aquaria KLCC

This was the second time i had bring my daughter to Aquaria KLCC . The first time was 6 months back when she was 1 year old. Her reaction back then was so-so , now at 19 months her reaction was explosive and extremely difficult to control her . She was full with energy and almost everything excites her.
Overall it was an OK experience especially for the kids but there were many things that needs improvement. The biggest flaw that i could see was in the tunnel section . From my perspective they had failed to create a living ecosystem as most of coral was made from cement and it really look bland .
overall experience - C
entrance fee - RM 35 adult , RM 25 children


  1. My children freaked out big time the last time they went there. Mind you it was 5 years ago! Keen to visit it again at some point but not during school holidays. May be too crowded.

  2. Aquaria - Me myself can stay in there for hours just to be amazed with all those fish.

    The Touch Pool is my favourite - seronok pegang kepala stingray yang manja melampau tu :)

  3. haris - yup it was pack during school holiday . i would recommend siam underwaterworld in bangkok . much more better

    hairil - ikan tu bukan manja tapi lapar. cuba kalau dia ada gigi , berani pegang tak , he he