Sunday, December 19, 2010

BBQ with my old buddies

My college buddies had organized a simple gathering in putra height yesterday .Some of us had not met more than 10 years. It was fun seeing everybody with their spouses and kids . Macam tak sangka yang sorang-sorang dah jadi mak budak and bapak budak.It was satisfying to know that everybody had succeded in their life .
It feels like the good old days when we used to lepak in front of our college entrance . We all feel that we were still in our early 20's as most of us hadn't change a bit . I truely cherish moment like this as it reminds me on how things had changed . The good old days may not be my golden days in life but i'm glad that i gone through it and befriend nice folks like you guys.


  1. Even when you get to be my age bila jumpa geng lama mmg tak terasa diri dah tua hehehehe.. seronok bila dpt rehash old memories and bersyukur dgn segala yang telah diperolehi.

    Btw, i'm glad you've stopped blurring your pics.. JR byk ikut ayah rupanya :)

  2. justiffa - i guess we will never feel old even when we reach the 70's.the reason i blurred my face is because i don't feel comfortable revealing too much info and identity about myself on the net.But i guess there's no harm in revealing the face . the rest e.g name , address and etc will always remain private

  3. best kalau dapat kumpul2 kan..
    nice blog

  4. yup mmg best kalau dapat kumpul kawan2 lama