Thursday, December 23, 2010

Eating Silk worm in Beijing

wang fu jing night market


Those of you who had been to Beijing Wang Fu Jing night market must be familiar with silk worm saute(hhmm.. the word SATE must come from saute) on a stick . I make sure that it was halal ler before i eat . The silk worm was sold to me by a chinese muslim from xinjiang . I can't remember the price all that i remember was that it taste horrible , you can tell from my facial expression. I wish i had sambal belacan to go with the silk worm , he he.


  1. tak sakit perut ke lepas tu?? hihihi...

    Kalau me.. 1 bende je boleh melazatkan makanan2 pelik.. cicah asam limau... hahahhaha..

  2. Yang ini mmg Warlord tgk pun tak bleh.
    Sure lari 2km dari situ...

  3. Wang Fu Jing Night Market ini tak termasuk dlm itinerary kami last 2 week.

    Selain dari itu miss Peking Duck dan Bullet Train Beijing - Tianjing.

    Lain kali (kalau ada peluang) nak pergi stail light & easy.


  4. cath - perut saya mmg lasak anything goes , he he
    aie - welcome to my blog , mmg tak sedap , isi dai rasa pahit
    hairil - goood cardio workout for you , tgk je dah ada stamina lari 2 km
    lukman-wang fu jing mmg unik , tapi kalau nak naik high speed train bettter naik maglev kat shanghai speed dia 432km/h . check out a video in my blog under tag shanghai