Sunday, January 09, 2011

Belangkas ( horse shoe crab)

As a small kid growing up in penang , eating a belangkas was not a big deal for me . As a kid i used to scour the beach for belangkas for my own consumption and at times when the supply were aplenty i will sold it for 1 to 2 ringgit each to my neighbour.It was not difficult to find a belangkas back then , my favourite area would be the beach alongside Gelugor(before the highway exist) and the beach where QUEENSBAY mall now sits.
Me and my colleague would cycle from Jelutong to Gelugor and in no times we could catch between 3-4 belangkas during high tide. The belangkas would buried itself in the sand and only a small portion of its body will be visible to your naked eye . Normally you will find it in pairs with the female will always be at the bottom and the male at the top.
There are many ways you can cook your belangkas , either stir fry it with chilly or just boiled it . As a kid me and my colleague would just throw a live belangkas to an open fire for 10 minutes before consuming it . It will taste a bit like a crab with a strong taste. Nowadays i find it very-very difficult to find one , and i considered myself lucky when i found one selling at the wet market .

belangkas roe


  1. Ni jumpa kat KL ke kat Penang ni?
    Kalo kat KL, mana nak cari?

    Mana la tau nak try...

  2. ni aku beli kat pantai remis kuala selangor