Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blast from the past - Honeymoon in Chiang Mai , Thailand

The main reason for creating SUKA JALAN-JALAN is to immortalised the memory of my life and my travel from being lost . I have trouble memorising name , date , address and small details . For example , the only phone number that i remember was my wife phone number , other than that is blank . Whenever i left my handphone behind and i need to call my father , i will always call my wife first to ask her the number and then only will i call my father.
Chiang Mai was our first overseas trip as husband and wife . We went there for our honeymoon and it was partly sponsored by my father . I can't remember the hotel name but i do remember that it was located next to the night market and next to the craft plaza. We went there in december and the temperature was a bit cool at 24Ç . I had travel extensively throughout thailand by land and for me chiang mai is the best. It had the subtlety of being a tourist magnet without having too much publicity. What we love about chiang mai is the night market and the cool weather , especially in december . Our hotel is located next to starbucks and the nightmarket and we would spent the night 'lepak' at the starbuck while immersing ourselves in the night market atmosphere . It feels like a street cafe in Paris with the residual noise of "aroi" and "sawadee kap" in the back ground.
From the airport we had chartered a taxi for sightseeing . I can't remember how much but if i'm not mistaken it was around 700 baht per day . Among the places that we visit is the elephant farm , chiang mai zoo ,queen sirikit botanical garden , traditional umbrella factory and other area around chiang mai which i had forgotten its name.
I still remember our first day dinner in chiang mai , we had grilled lobster and tom yum gung.It was quite cheap at around 900 baht and it was the best tom yum gung which we had ever tasted so far. Chiang Mai is famous for its dried longan and most of the supply of longan in thailand comes from chiang mai.
We would like to go chiang mai again and I do recommend chiang mai to all due to its uniqueness.

chiang mai zoo
hotel lobby
elephant farm dinner -lobster and tom yum gung

umbrella factory
night market
market where we bought our longan
riding a tuk tuk

airport on our way back home

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