Sunday, February 06, 2011

Dragonfly and life reflections

taken during one of my photo hunting trip in kuala selangor


Ahh!!! damn , my chinese new year leave will come to an end in a few hours time . The time now is 1040pm and in around 10 hours time i will find myself back to the office enduring another stressful moment . I guess everybody will have to endure stressful situation at their office at one point of their career . Enduring and surviving a stressful situation like this if manage well will lead to character building and i do hope that i will learn something from it.


  1. Eh, ada gambor dragonfly gak la kat sini. Same same!

    Sama la kita..esok akan jadi hari yg stressss...Argh!!

  2. hairil - the stress had become unbearable lately


  3. Love the pic... and happy working.. ^_^

  4. Your pictures are beautiful. The dragonfly is beautiful.

    Berserah and relax. Everything di tangan Allah, nothing is within your control. Ask Allah to ease and berkati all your efforts, then surrender. Work hard and work well, give your best efforts, to menfaatkan diri, keluarga dan ummah, then surrender to Allah.

  5. cathj - thank you

    aishah - thank for the usual inspiring advice