Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Le Tour De Langkawi

I took the day off today just to do photo hunting with my mate on the Le Tour De Langkawi . We waited patiently for about one hour at the Puncak Alam - Bukit jelutong stretch . At about 1.30 pm the whole convoi came wheezing pass through us . The weather was exceptionally hot and i salute the cyclist for braving the scroching midday sun . I had never thought that human could cycle that fast and in no time all of them had passed through us . If i'm not mistaken today shall be the final leg of this event with the final destination at Dataran Merdeka.


  1. Rajinnya En Xplorer amik cuti tgk Le Tour. Berbaloi lor sbb ada DSLR utk amik gambo cun :)

  2. Ni guna toy baru yer??? wow... Very nice... skrg dah nampak lah hasil 60D ni.. aku tak explore lagi...asyik ambik photo anak je... ~.@

  3. aishah - thank you

    hairil - dah nama pun xplorer , kena le rajin , he he

    cathj- yup , baru dlm 5 hari guna , puas hati gile

  4. nice shots!wah..now begitu giat berphoto dgn camera baru..cantik!

  5. cats - dulu pun bergiat cergas jugak , bila ada baby ni terhenti kejap . skang baby dah besar + camera baru tu yg start balik.photography n travel go hand in hand with each other

  6. Hi Bro

    Facts & Figure about this sports of cycling

    Normal speed 60 - 80 kmh. At the end of league - 110 - 120 kmh!

    How fast you ride your bike 110 kmh? 120 km? :-)


  7. lukman - pergh!!!! laju betul . kalau aku kayuh basikal cuma dalam 25km/h