Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Hobby - photography

my daugther silhouette in the background

Photography had been my hobby since i was a small kid. Back then my father can't afford to buy me expensive camera . The first camera that i had own is the KODAK compact camera which my father had bought me when i'm in standard 5 . My father would not simply buy me presents without any valid reason , he bought the camera because i had achieve his target and excel in my study . Although i had own a camera but i had seldom used it because to develop the film is quite expensive and i will always used it only on special occcasion.
My daughter had shown her interest in photography as well . For example during the shot above , she will try to imitate my all my action . It was very obvious in the last picture. I had lay flat on the floor try to get the best possible angle and she would do the same too.I would really hope photography would be her hobby when she grow up a bit older . It's easier to bond if we share the same interest.


  1. perhaps i love it to but sometimes i've been thinking, where should i put ALL my picture for the next couple of years ;p hu2..

    ps: kehilangan 3/4 albums of 2009 kerana hdisk rosak. xtau nk meratap cmne. haih..

  2. bro , gambar koleksi gambar aku ada dekat 15ribu dlm hard disk

  3. Very nice..tapi mmg betul la kan...storage is a problem la...kena keep portable hard disks handy.

    I am starting to love photography now...dulu gadget pun takde (kamera + PC)

  4. afiti - lama tak nampak .how are you?
    hairil - photography mmg satisfying sebenarnya . bila tangkap gambar cantik , tgk beratus kali tak jemu

  5. Wow standard 5 already have OWN camera.. I love photography when I was at my standard school too.. but not afford to have 1.. I will always borrow from fren if have any occasion (kesiannn...)..

    having my 1st own camera when start working... and hilang kerana kelalaian sendiri. I went to 1 of the public toilet at genting highland, and forgot about it.. tak sampai 3 minit... dah lesappp... -_-

    Great news that your daughter is following your step.. (kena sedia budget to buy 1 for her in future nampak nya bro).. hihihi... same here.. -_-

  6. eh?? Binatang ape tu bro?? lalat ke?? mcm pakai baju besi ohhh.. ^_^ (apa dah jadi ngan aku ni.. lalat pun cannot differentiate.. *sigh*)

  7. Hi Xplorer, Wow! You are good....no, Outstanding!
    Love your these shots.
    And while others take pictures, you create pictures.
    Wayyyyy to go!
    Love your angle and your daughter in background, adds depth and perspective.

    And yes, photography not only fun, but to see what others don't see, like you here with these well taken pics.

    You mentioned about that Kodak compact camera....my father had one, but a Brownie box camera....this was wayyyyy back in the '50s.

    I too love photography, had a Yashica SLR Electro 35, with a 50 mm lens.
    Its about 40 years old and still takes good pics. I still use it as a back-up.
    I also have a 13 year old Nikon film SLR F-601 with a 35-135mm portrait lens. And accessory flash, etc.

    Used to take pics of sunsets, landscape etc, sampai jelak, ha ha.
    Then by chance a married lady friend asked me take couple of portrait pics of her.
    And from that day on, I never looked back. Got into portrait photography....making women, young and mature beautiful thru my camera lens.
    And their, "Oh my God! Is that really me"!

    And only a month ago bought myself a Nikon pocket digital camera, a Coolpix S1100pj. For fun...
    It now goes where I go....but for portrait shots, back to my two jurassic cameras.

    You have fun and keep well. Happy shooting.
    Best regards, Lee.

  8. Woooooo stuning ... how can you CREATE such pictures. Love this very much.

    Take care,
    Sinta Rahmi

  9. cathj-yang ni bukan lalat tapi CICADA . mmg dlm perkiraan nak beli camera baru utk daughter.

    uncle - thank you for the visit and kind words

    sinta - thank you and welcome to my blog