Friday, February 04, 2011

Sungai Kedondong , Batang kali , Selangor

I was alone at home today as my wife had went to shah alam for shopping . She preferred that i didn't tag along as i would spoiled her shopping spree, he he . The definition of shooping for me is to buy things ASAP and buy things that you only need . The whole process must be done in less than an hour, i repeat - less THAN ONE HOUR!!!. I guess the last statement was the real reason why i was not my wife preferred partner in shopping as i will nag her and the whole shopping escapade will end in less than one hour.
With nothing to do at home i decided to explore the area around batang kali with my bike as i had heard about a popular picnic area along the genting highland - batang kali road.The traffic was smooth from my house as today was Chinese new year , The road was a bit windy and excellent for biking . There was no signboard to direct you to this area but you can't missed it as it was crowded most of the time . I had come at the wrong timing as the area was too crowded . Actually the area was not that far away from hulu yam (another picnic area) and it was a bit unique in its own way . Hulu yam area is a bit flat while sg kedondong flows from a hilly area which makes the water flows a bit faster and a bit dangerous for small kids.Personally i prefer Hulu Yam compare to this area but this place is not bad either.


  1. Mmg nampak lagi dangerous pun dgn batu batu besar dan air yg deras, tapi air terjun Sagil kat Muar pun gitu gak. Kira OKla tu :)

  2. hahahahha... for me pulak... hubby yg selalu shopping sakan... kalau dia nak membeli brg mak aiiii... siap lah aku jadi penunggu.... makan hati berulam jantung hahahhaha...

    Uh... lawa la pic...

  3. hairil - apa nama tempat air terjun kat muar tu? tak tahu plak muar ada air terjun

    cathj-exactly the oppposite of me , he hethank you

  4. Sori Sori...bukan real waterfall eh. Kecik aje waterfallnya..mostly jeram mcm kat Sg Kedondong tu. Nama tempatnya Sagil. Around 20km dari Tangkak...kat kaki Gunung Ledang

  5. wuhuuuuuuu xplorer..... baik ngaku sebenarnya xmo g teman sopink sebab nak g amek gambar dengan kamera baru kan???? kan???? hehehe....

    kat sini memang tempatnya batu-batu besar je ke?? tak puas lar kalao nak main air kat sini... erm

  6. masmz- bijak !!bijak!!! . ada tempat yg dalam tapi air dia deras sikit