Friday, March 04, 2011

Fountain @ KLCC

Just came back from seeing an old friend in KLCC . We had dinner at a Korean Restaurant on the top floor of KLCC , i can't exactly remember the name of the restaurant but it was nice . Before my appointment with my friend i sat down in front of the fountain .I used to sit in the same spot jobless and worried about my future . Rummaging through the crowd i guess i could sense one or two patron whose facial expression foretold the same story . Been there done that - the best advise that i could offer them .
Life could be cruel at times but not all the time . Whatever shortcomings might hold a revealations to whom who seek to find answers .Just hang on , pull your head straight and face your problem head on.


  1. Wow.. bro.. Need to know what setting you put on your camera to have such a smooth water fall.. ^_^

    and agree so much with your last paragraph too..

  2. cathj - iso 200 , shutter 30 sec , aperture f 20 .make sure you have your tripod

  3. Beeeuuutipul! Almost perfect.

  4. Argh, DSLR mmg best...boleh set shutter speed, iso, etc.

  5. hairil - bila lagi........

    awang - tenkiu

  6. keats- thank you for the lovely comments