Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kuching trip - Day 1

Our TAIWAN trip late last year supposedly be our last holiday before my wife gave birth . Then we decided to go to Kenyir and Kuala Terengganu and we thought enough is enough. Not long after that we went to penang and we promise ourselves that it will be our last holiday . Then again almost '2 weeks later we found ourselves mysteriously being transported to Kuching Sarawak, he he.Again naturally we promised ourselves that this will be the last trip before my wife gave birth.


The decision to go to kuching was made at the very last minute(like all our trip , he he ) , 18 hours to be exact from the departure time.Initially we plan to go to langkawi but all the flight was full , instintively i bought a ticket to kuching without much thought. Actually kuching was like our second home , we had actually lost count on the number of time we had been there .We had been to all the recommended tourist attraction in kuching and outskirt . Our visit this time is more towards giving exposure to JR and of course mee kolok and laksa sarawak.


Our flight depart KLIA at 8.15 am and arrives 1 hour 30 minutes later . We stayed at the Four Point (sheraton) for two nights and i would say that it was the best 4 star hotel ever. The room and bathroom was spacious and breakfast was good.We decided not to rush things and we only made our way to kuching town around 3 pm. Our first stop was obviously for a laksa sarawak and mee kolok and then made our way to Kota Samarahan and then to buy some KEK lapis sarawak as a souvenier for our relatives. We ask around for the best kek lapis and they recommend KEK LAPIS MIRA compare to the famous KEK LAPIS DAYANG . Local people knows best and KEK LAPIS MIRA definitely have our thumbs up . To be continued......

KLIA inside airbus a330
our inflight breakfast - nasik lemak

JR ordering room service
hotel lobby
mee kolok
boring tunggu makan, he he
laksa sarawak
view of kuching waterfront
kota samarahan
view at night


  1. Ooo...pegi Sarawak rupanya...
    Tgk mee kolok dlm gambar tu..teringin la plak nak makan kat KL ni.

    Mana nak cari mee kolok kat KL bro?

  2. kalau dah nama nya kaki jalan2... mcm tu lah... hihihi... kata last travel.. tup tup tup ada lagi peluang... hihihi...

    yg penting semua selamat sampai... :D

  3. Heading to Kuching in late April. It's gonna be Kek Lapis Mira then.

  4. Ada ke Serikin ke? Pernah pergi ke sana beberapa tahun dulu. Khabarnya dah semakin menarik dan happening tmpt tu..

  5. Kuching is a lovely destination. We enjoyed ourselves there- yes, kolok mee and the other 'musts' too!

  6. nama pun explorer..heheh...i luv kuching! nak pegi lagik & lagik..

  7. hairil - aku dah cuba mee kolok kat semenanjung , semuanya fail

    cathj - harap2 yg ni yg terakhir kot , my wife dah mula complain sakit belakang

    haris - right choice sebab mmg sedap

    mie - serikin is in part 2 , wait for my posting

    keats - i always wonder why there's no authentic mee kolok in semenanjung as it taste so damn good

    maya - kuching mmg terbaekk

  8. sonoknyerr gi kuching.. ehehe, meoowww