Monday, March 14, 2011

My daughter reaction to her new sister

My wife is expecting to deliver our second baby in two month time . I'm not sure on how things would be like with the presence of our second baby . At present JR is very jealous whenever her mum holds another baby .Whenever we told JR that baby will be coming very very soon to see her she would become agitated and sometime cried . We had try to overcome this issue by buying her present and telling her that it was a gift from her sister . This tactic seems to works at present but i'm still worried on how JR would react in the present of her new sister.


  1. I am having another boy again.. and I am glad that my boy cannot wait to have 'a new friend'.. But he is actually hoping for a sister.. hahahahha... took almost a month to make him liking a brother.. 2 ths.. tak lama lagi dah...

    me next month... dah tak larat dah... tak sabar nak meletops.. ^_^

    congrats again.. ^_^

  2. nice capture bro.. suke tgk expression your daughter tu.. oo btw, nanti bile baby dah lahir..ask JR to join in whateva activity dgn, tukar diapers, mandikan baby, tidurkan baby etc etc.. she won't feel being left out then:)

  3. salam bro,

    hehehehe biasa la tu . Nanti bila baby dah lahir perasaan tu akan berubah kepada suka. Jangan risau ....hang la kena prepare ...kena berlatih la bangun malam , tukar diapers ....gud luck to you

  4. cathj-he he , glad that your son cannot wait for another friend.on my side it was the opposite
    maya-welcome , ok i will try , tq for d advice

    rebung - benda tu dah biasa buat dah , so no hal