Monday, March 28, 2011

Snow Crab @ South Sea Seafood

I would try anything at least once . The desire to try anything at least once had bring me to discover an array of experience which had made my life more interesting.Snow crab is one of them although it was a bit expensive at RM250 per kg. Again , i will try anything once and it could be a decade from now until i eat another snow crab again .


This special dinner was a treat from my wife and other than the snow crab , giant mantis prawn were among the special item that we ordered. The crab were fried with salted egg and it taste really good . The flesh was sweet and the texture was a bit coarse and less dense compare with mud crab and our local ketam bunga .Snow crab definitely taste bettter and i was told that it was imported from alaska. The snow crab was kept in a special aquarium with cold water to keep them alive .


Apart from snow crab , another special item on our table is giant mantis prawn . Some people would prefer lobster but for me mantis prawn definitely taste better. You could grilled it or deep fried it , either way it taste so damn good . The price of giant mantis prawn is almost as equivalent as a local lobster @ RM 150 per kg.

restaurant - SOUTH SEA SEAFOOD

location - 229 jalan 2a, kampung baru subang (next to SKYPARK runway)

overall experience - A-

snow crab snow crab deep fried in salted egg

giant mantis prawn - deep fried


  1. Wah nampak sedap, tapi yang tak sedap ongkosnya kot..

  2. mahalnya..
    sayang rasa nak makan..

  3. mie n axim - tak di nafikan mmg mahal skit tapi nak cuba punya pasal

  4. kulit ketam tu lembut kan?boleh makan kan?baru ni aku pi restoran jepun makan soft crab..sedap jugak.boleh makan ngan kulit kulitnya sekali..

  5. bro , ketam tu kulit keras n tak leh makan. soft shell crab kalau kena gaya masak sedap gak