Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cendol Leman Dawi , Seremban

leman Dawi
I was once told that "there ain't no such thing as a free lunch".Nothing is free nowadays , even a cup of plain water could cost you as much as 30 cents but LEMAN DAWI had proven that there's such thing as free lunch.I was in seremban recently and decided to visit the oft-mentioned cendol paradise of LEMAN DAWI's.This place had been featured in MAJALAH 3 , JALAN2 CARI MAKAN and a few other program.


Honestly the cendol is just so-so but i must commend his effort and business acumen in promoting his cendol business.I guess the world would be a better place to live in if most businessmen follow his example , he he. What you need to do is just buy a bowl of cendol and the rest is free. Barley water , brown sugar , santan and cendol are free if you want to add-on . The more you buy , the more add-on free stuff that you'll get. In a world where you need money for almost everything , this place proves to be a good deal.


KM 11 , jalan sungai gadut seremban (along the seremban-tampin old trunk road just after senawang)


  1. thanks for this entry. been wondering for so long about this cendol but have no idea about the place and what's so special about it. thanks!

  2. Di Sek 18 Shah Alam ada cendol mamak yg terrrrsangat sedap hingga ke titisan cendol yg terakhir. Berhampiran Mesjid yg tak jauh dari SMK Sek 18.

  3. fatt - tempat ni biasa saja tapi unik

    mie - thank you for the info . nanti aku pi try test tengok

    siti - kampung ekau ke? apo laie tompek2 menarik kat nogorie

  4. Waa..lama dah I tak mkn cendol. Di musim2 panas ni sedapnya abc, cendol. Baguslah strategi perniagaan dia. Manalah org nak bg2 free zaman le ni..Tak mahal dah tu RM1.50 with everything else free.

  5. keunikan temoat ni yang buat orang datang kan,..