Monday, April 18, 2011

JR2 warded in hospital

My youngest daughter had been admitted in a hospital since yesterday due to jaundice .At the same time her sister had a very high fever , her temperature just now was at 39.7 'c which was very high . I had brought JR to the hospital just now and after a blood test , the doctor diagnosed her as having a normal high fever . She just left the hospital with her grandparent while i stayed behind , spending the night at the hospital with my wife and JR2.Today i started working after a week long paternity leave . There are tonnes of works at the office that keep piling up during my absence .Couple this with problem back home, the stress level is extremely high and at times i feel like giving up.


  1. kalau org kampung diorg jemor masa matahari tgh naik pg2...

  2. kena tgk jugak , kalau level riboflavin terlalu tinggi sampai 360 boleh damage otak .

  3. ala siannyer JR n JR2... Semoga kedua-duanya cepat sembuh... Amin
    Xplorer, ekaw konolah bertabah hati yo...

  4. Risau tu bila anak hi-fever kan..Dugaan bila ada anak kecik2.
    Cian baby... Anak2 I dulu dua2 kuning gak tapi tak teruk. Mak mentua cuma mandikan air daun apa ntah and kenakan cahaya kat tepi tingkap waktu pagi. BTW, Semoga dua2 cepat sembuh.

  5. warrior did not surrender bro, harung sahaja, semua tu test Allah, dia tahu u can take it....about work there is no end, takde dugaan life is just plain sahaja, dengan semua dugaan ini ia mengajar kita semua mcm mana nak menjadi lebih baik dr hari ini,...about the baby just follow specialist instruction and advice, i think they know much better, money is not an issue when dealing with health and life...

    insyallah semua will be ok...Amin

  6. Patience bro. Semua dugaanNya. You'll need to keep working right to earn for your family. Stress levels are high maka kena la cari jalan kurangkannya. Jgn nnti you yourself fall sick plak.

    Take care bro...

  7. poor u both :(
    i was warded too last week for 7 days due to a viral feverish. still on medication now. speedy recovery!

  8. Dear Xplorer. My baby went through a very long journey on this jaundice. May I know the jaundice reading for ur baby? If it high, maybe I can give a few tips. Different reading, different type of treatments. And may I know whether ur baby is in GH or private? Frankly, After been administered by 2 GHs last time and stretched for 1 month's duration, me n hubby transferred our baby to private. Took less than 1 week to cure.

  9. darth - i'm still hanging
    hairil - stress is indeed very high , sometime i could feel my head throbbing
    marlboro - thank you . get well soon
    aziela - thank you . the reading was at 260 but now dah ok n discharge . My baby was in private .