Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Kuching trip day 2

Our first destination after breakfast was SERIKIN , a malaysian-indonesian border town located nearly 40 km from kuching.Most people go to serikin to shop but for me the actual joy was the journey to serikin . There are alot of interesting places on the way to serikin , Pasar Bau , Gua Angin , Tasik Biru and the best among them is the stall by the native enroute to serikin .


Most people prefer would prefer shopping mall over market but shopping mall do not have character . You could learn a lot about people lifestyle just by visiting their market and that's why whenever i'm in overseas i will try as much as possible made a trip to their local market.


We only made a brief stop in serikin as most of the time was spent in the local market enroute . I was suprised how cheap things were , a bunch of banana only cost me RM 1 and bunga kantan 30 cents each . Another item which interest me the most was ULAT MULUNG which cost around 50 cents each . While most people would squirm at the sight of this , my daughter was excited and she spend the whole 10 minutes looking at it close range, he he.


From serikin we went to the kuching waterfront just to lepak and buy some souvenier. At night we have dinner with my wife cousin at one of seafood restaurant in DAMAI which was located around 40 minutes from kuching. Seafood in kuching is quite cheap , in KL a lobster will cost you around RM 150 to 250 per KG , in kuching on average it will cost you around RM75 per kg.My wife cousin had been living in Kuching for years now and we owe it to them for providing our transport in kuching.

pasar di serikin
pisang mas ni harganya cuma seringgit
siput sedut
ulat mulung
kagum betul JR ngan ulat ni
kuching waterfront

souvenier shop at waterfront

seafood restaurant in damai

my daughter with her second cousin

my wife cousin

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