Monday, April 25, 2011

My pet frog

my unofficial pet frog

This frog had unofficially been our family pet since we moved into our new house last year . My daughter had also grow fond of this frog and almost on a daily basis she would call out at this frog - "ffyogg!!!! fyog!!!! , macuk ler rumah , datang ler kat sini".Whenever our relative visits my house my daughter would enthusiastically show them her frog . The frog would be there at the same place night after night and it is only appropriate that i adopt this frog as my family pet , he he.
It had been a very2 busy week for me . I don't have time for myself lately , it's all about work and family . alhamdulillah, JR2 had been discharge from the hopsital and JR had slowly embrace the presence of his little sister . Raising 2 kids for me so far was very challenging , i wonder how my aunt who live in FELDA BENTONG(work as a rubber tapper) manage to successfully raise 7 of her kids . Out of the 7 , 6 of them university garduate , sssaaalluuttte!!!!! .


  1. ya ampun! hampir terlompat gua... ingat kan ular tadi...hahahhahahahha....

  2. Chomel la bro bela frog kat laman rumah. Hehehe!