Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My wife Status Update

My wife is currently inside the OT room , doctor expect her to deliver in 4-5 hours time. . Today is day two in the hospital . I had left JR with my in law since yesterday and we are quite worried for JR as she had never been separated from us for this long . Surprisingly not a single tears was shed until today. She must be tougher than i think , i guess all those travelling since she was very young had made her like that , he he.
My inlaw visited us with JR and she was very excited to see mummy and ayah after two days . And being JR, she would whisk her mummy from her bed and at the same time trying to coax her ayah to go home . I had a hard time trying to fend off her request but a couple of FERERO ROCHER chocolates finally do the job.
Have you seen someone you love in pain? well this is the scenario that i'm in currently . My wife is in pain since yesterday and there's nothing much that i can do or offer to comfort her . It's time to sign off , i will be by her side for the whole process and it's really an experience to watch your wife giving birth to your daughter, an experience which will bring you great humility.


  1. I make sure my hubby bought some of those choc for my boy too..

    Oh.. Pasti... sakit.... Ini yg buat I nervous sgt2 ni... I teringat balik semua kesakitan2 during my 1st labour.. tapi kena harungi juga...

    normal ke operate bro? Take care semua yer.. hope your dear wifey recover soon...

    (Aduh... skrg aku plak takut... aduh)

  2. cath-normal delivery . make sure he standby chocolate and toys too. don't worry , every thing will be fine