Sunday, May 08, 2011

My family

My eldest daughter had finally accepted the presence of her younger sister . It had been a tough journey for me and my wife initially as she would constantly cry and would not let us attend to her younger sister. My wife had shed tears because of this and the sight of our eldest daughter kissing her sister bring cheers to the whole family . The above picture was among the first picture of both of them together.


  1. Great! She'll be a good sister nnti :)

  2. The pictures make me smile. Congrats bro!

  3. alaaa,

    comelnya. congrats kerana bersabar!

  4. I shed so many tears on the early stage after deliver my baby too... oh... emosi sgt2... especially melibat kan anak sulung ku... I am glad that everything is fine now...

    hope everything is ok with you and wifey too..


  5. Alahai.. congrats..! lebatnye rambut die.. :-)

  6. hairil - amin

    haris - thank you . it make me smile also

    maszuber - terima kasih , yup dugaannya banyak

    cathj - mmg sedih mula2 tgk ug sulung tu asyik menangis nakkan perhatian . dia menagis teruk sampai terpaksa bawak keluar rumah untuk bagi dia cool sikit

    suz- thank you for droping by , ikut bapak dia le tu , he he

  7. Alhamdulillah you must be very relieved, handling sibling rivalry & jealousy can be very tricky, kena prihatin & byk bersabar

    Right now the little one looks exactly like her sis, sweet sangat :)

  8. Agree with you its complicated