Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Caviar telur ikan sembilang

I've tested caviar before but i don't quite enjoy the taste. A poor man alternative to caviar is the "telur ikan sembilang". Most malaysian would savour it either through masak asam pedas or curry. I had always believe that in order to savour the orignal flavour of a fish or seafood , one must either eat it raw , steam or boil it without any additional flavouring.This could explain the reason why i love sashimi so much.
The real challenge in cooking your food this way is finding it really fresh which would prove almost impossible especially if you live in kl.If the raw material is not fresh then it would be a disaster.
To cook it is very simple , wash the roe clean with asam jawa to wash away the "hanyir" and add a pinch of salt to it and then boil it. The difficult part is controlling the fire as you do not want your fish roe to be solid hard as it will taste like plastic.The ideal state is when the roe is not very soft and not very hard , the texture must be soft and at the same time chewy.This will give a very rich and creamy flavour .I had perfected this cooking art through years of trial and error. Believe me getting the right texture and making sure that the roe doesn't break is not easy as it seems.Telur ikan sembilang will cost you rm 25 per kg in kuala selangor.There are other type of fish roe available especially ikan mayong which will cost you rm 10 per kg . But it won't taste as good as ikan sembilang and furthermore it taste a bit hanyir.

Ikan sembilang


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    That's telur ikan sembilang? I didn't know it looks something like telur ayam? Thanks for sharing, will find it somewhere :)

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