Thursday, July 28, 2011

Menjelang ramadhan

I had the chance to see something beautiful just now. Maybe this is just GOD way of showing me how lucky i am to blessed with so many things and the need to contribute more to the society.I had known mr X and Y for few years now and i'm very sure that both of them is not financially well of.I had a few time visited their rented house which was modest in size and appearance. Despite all that they would make it a point every ramadan to contribute to an orphanage located not far from my office.
I was overwhelm with guilt and humility when i saw their act of generosity . I had always push and set target to myself that before i reach a certain age i must have a certain amount of money , i must travel to 100 country , i must have property for investment and etc.But what was lacking was the giving part.Majority of the goal that i set are towards what i want and almost nil in the giving part.Masyaallah....

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