Monday, August 29, 2011

Menjelang hari raya

Tomorrow had been declared as Hari Raya .My wife had been very busy finishing her last batch of cookies and cakes for tomorrow while my parents was busy preparing for a " makan besar" which will be held tomorrow night at their house.They had invited our close relative and the main menu for tomorrow is "mee udang".
My sister and her family was present at my father house just now to break their fast as well to celebrate the coming of syawal tomorrow.JR was very busy and active playing with her cousin that she almost forgot my present .It was fun and fulfilling to see her happy playing especially on the hari raya eve.The climax for the day is playing fireworks and we really enjoy it very much.Hari Raya eve will not be the same without the explosives sound of the fireworks.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ikan lumi

Buruk benar rupa ikan ni tapi sebenarnya isinya sedap dan lembut.Namanya ikan LUMI dan sebenarnya susah jugak nak mencari ikan jenis ni di pasar . Kalau mengikut tokey ikan, ikan ni jenis ikan dasar laut dalam dan biasanya ikan ini ditangkap sekali ketika menjaring ikan jerung di laut dalam .Setakat mana betulnya cerita dia aku pun tak pasti tapi mungkin betul jugak.Ikan ni sebenarnya murah je , dalam 5 ringgit sekilo.Mungkin sebab rupanya yang buruk sebab tu kurang mendapat perhatian dari pembeli.Biasanya ikan ini digoreng bersama dengan tepung disebabkan teksturnya yang terlalu lembut.Kalau goreng begitu saja dengan kunyit kebarangkalian besar isinya akan hancur . Kalau buat sup atau masak asam pedas pun sedap jugak tapi aku belum pernah cuba lagi.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Menjelang hari raya

Next week muslim all over the world will be celebrating hari raya.Celebrating hari raya as a kid is wayyyyyyyy much fun than being an adult.I had spend most of my time as a kid living with my grandparent in a small coastal malay village in penang. Nowadays the village is no more as it had been develop into an apartment and both of my grandparent had passed away long time ago.
Normally during this time around especially in the last week before hari raya , there will be beehive of activity of people making preparation for hari raya.The houses was not far apart from each other and you could literally see and smell what your neighbour is doing.Normally during this time around my grandmother will be busy making kuih bahulu (a malaysian version of muffin) and her neighbour will be busy making bengkang the traditional way using a home made stove with fire from the husk of the coconut.At night, apart from the terawih , most of the houses was lit with panjut-panjut(home made kerosene lamp) and the air was filled with a burning sulfur smell from the fireworks .Back then there was no blanket ban on firework and you could buy them almost everywhere and my late grandfather would spend quite a lot of money on fireworks.One or two days before hari raya , the celebration intensifiy before reaching its climax on the hari raya itself.
It was a stark contrast in what i experience living in KL.It sadden me a bit because my kids won't be able to experience what i had experience but i will make the best of what i have so that they will have a good lasting memory on celebrating hari raya with their parent.My wife had started making cookies for hari raya and last night we had lit up our panjut-panjut at our compound.The kids are equally excited , my eldest daughter could be seen jumping in excitement as i guess it was the first time seeing such thing.She was equally busy at the kitchen helping or rather messing around with mommy .The atmosphere was rather festive and we do enjoy ourselves.I had manage to buy some fireworks although it's illegal but please don't spread the words, he he.Well that's all for today.Will update more if i could find the time.Selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin.

My late grandfather house

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sate ostrich @ PD ostrich show farm

My daughter was hysterical upon seeing her first ostrich . I never see her getting so excited like this before . Even month after visiting this place she persistently requested to see the video recording that i made at this place.Actually this place was bit let down , the ostrich was not aplenty and the quality and quantity of the display animal was below my expectation.But my daughter enjoy it very much and that matter me the most.
Ostrich Show Farm is located on the 9th mile of the Port Dickson coastal road, quite easy to find if you are driving along the coastal road. The entrance was RM8 for adults and RM6 for kids, quite expensive if you compare the quality and quantity of the display animal.
The main reason i was there not see the ostrich but to sample the famous sate ostrich and to buy the ostrich egg.The sate was sold at rm 12 per half dozen(need to check back as i can't recall the exact price) and it was really delicious.This was the first time that i had tasted sate ostrich and didn't expect that it could be this good.The texture was really soft and more or less it taste a bit like chicken but better.Raw ostrich meat was also sold here but too bad i didn't bring an ice box . I was told by one of the traimer that they didn't have a breeding program for ostrich here , most of their meat supply came from a farm in semenyih , previously they also sold ostrich egg here at a price of rm80 per piece but the supply is inconsistent and hard to find.

Sate ostrich

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cendol Haji Shariff , Seremban

From a distance i know that this place must be special. You hardly ever find a restaurant which sell cendol as their main dish . You can only find cendol and rojak(or pasembur) here and nothing else.

Haji Shariff's Cendol & Catering Sdn Bhd was once operated as a small stall in Lake Garden. Business started since 1940. It's now operates to a big and airy shop painted in green and run by 3rd generation. Haji Shariff Cendol is very well know by the people in seremban.It's very crowded during lunch hour especially on weekends as it offers its customers something very special and delicious - Cendols and Rojak.

I guess this had made them a specialist as they had been selling cendol for decade and nothing else.The cendol is creamy and so far among the best that i had tasted so far. The rojak is also not bad although the one in SS15 subang jaya is better.

Overall experience - A
Address - no 44, jalan yam tuan , seremban