Saturday, August 13, 2011

Klana Resort , Seremban

The whole family went to Seremban recently before the start of ramadhan to unwind . Most of you would wonder , what had seremban got to offer.I had ask the same thing to my colleague who had work in seremban for almost 5 years and he replied

"aku rasa macam nak perambat je hang balik kat KL sebab memang takda apa kat sini"

To enjoy seremban you must have an open mind and see things from a different angle.Just forget that you're local and imagine that you are in a foreign land and slowly immerse in the idea , close your eye and then open back with a fresh look and believe me that things will be a bit different.It works everytime for me .

We stayed at the Klana Resort which was located in the heart of seremban . The rate per night was rm160 and for me it was a value for money hotel.The room was clean and spacious enough c/w wifi , the swimming pool was big and furthermore the hotel is nestled right in the middle of taman tasik seremban . Will blog more on seremban later on

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