Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sate ostrich @ PD ostrich show farm

My daughter was hysterical upon seeing her first ostrich . I never see her getting so excited like this before . Even month after visiting this place she persistently requested to see the video recording that i made at this place.Actually this place was bit let down , the ostrich was not aplenty and the quality and quantity of the display animal was below my expectation.But my daughter enjoy it very much and that matter me the most.
Ostrich Show Farm is located on the 9th mile of the Port Dickson coastal road, quite easy to find if you are driving along the coastal road. The entrance was RM8 for adults and RM6 for kids, quite expensive if you compare the quality and quantity of the display animal.
The main reason i was there not see the ostrich but to sample the famous sate ostrich and to buy the ostrich egg.The sate was sold at rm 12 per half dozen(need to check back as i can't recall the exact price) and it was really delicious.This was the first time that i had tasted sate ostrich and didn't expect that it could be this good.The texture was really soft and more or less it taste a bit like chicken but better.Raw ostrich meat was also sold here but too bad i didn't bring an ice box . I was told by one of the traimer that they didn't have a breeding program for ostrich here , most of their meat supply came from a farm in semenyih , previously they also sold ostrich egg here at a price of rm80 per piece but the supply is inconsistent and hard to find.

Sate ostrich


  1. xplorer,
    adehhh hampir tersalah baca ingat ekaw pi masa bulan posa ni.... baru je den nak bagi soklan bonus..... huuu
    tempat ni masuk2 je nak kena RM8 ke atau yang nak nengok ostrich je?

  2. Masuk je dah kena 8 hinggit.agaknya apa soalan cepu mas ko?he he

  3. wah keras nya telurrr ostrich ni yer... kalau kena baling boleh pitam jugak tu... hihihi..

  4. Masuk je dah RM8? Ermmm tekak kena betul2 niat nak makan satay burung ni larrr, kalau tak agak kerugian juga kalau semata-mata nak tengok burung ni.

    hahaha... soalannya, ekaw pi masa bila ni? tak puaso ko??? puaso taun lopeh dah abeh bayo ke??? last sekali, ekaw buat larrr open house raya ni, den nak datang beraya... sobab ko kan amal yang kawen kena bagi duit raya kat orang bujang! kan? kan?! Kan?! Lalalalala~