Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gulai Asam Rom

The quest for exotic food had brought me to Raub today.This traditional dish was so rare that you can only find it in Raub and Jerantut . The main ingredient of this dish which had made it so special and rare is rubber seed. Yup!!, natural rubber seed .I was told that the rubber seed is crushed and left to dry before it is pickled for a period of one month.This pickled rubber seed is then added with fish and other ingredient before being made into gulai asam rom.Besides natural rubber seed , "buah perah" was also used as substitute as it was readily available and easier to process.The taste is quite unique with a combination of peppery hot, bitter and sour but generally it was delicious.Do try it whenever you passed by bandar raub or jerantut.

Gulai asam rom ikan keli.I was told that ikan kenerak is more suitable with this dish.

Ikan kenerak

For more info on this dish do visit the following link


  1. Masakan yang unik, tetapi saya kurang suka ikan air tawar terutama yg tidak bersisik, tatau kenapa...

  2. Mie-masakan ni mmg unik mmg susah nak jumpa

  3. xplorer,
    Aku memang fail nama-nama ikan nih! Masak sendiri??? Bila mao ajak makan?

  4. Kenapa ko nak file nama-nama ikan . Konpius jap , he nak ajak ler ni , JOM MAKAN