Saturday, October 15, 2011

Snake in da house

Not everyday you could see an event like this one.I spotted a cobra in the middle of my house compound trying to swallow my beloved pet frog.Lucky my "paman ular" was around and in just a few minutes the the snake was swiftly subdued by him using his bare hand.The cobra was later released at the nearby forest.I do not believe in killing of an animal unless if you don't have a choice.Deforestation by human had caused a clash between the animal world and human .Encounter like this one is not uncommon especially in a new housing estate like mine.The only casualty for today is our pet frog. The same frog was featured in a few of my blog posting previously.RIP my frog.


  1. gua takut ular...

    mesti gua cabut lari kalo nmpk scene ni.. kehkeh

  2. Hi explorer, I stumbled across your blog while I reading Anne's bloglist. I am on the same page with you to not kill animal unless there is no choice/harm you. Snake is so valuable to maintain the healthy of ecosystem. without snakes, the population of rodents will increase which spread harmful diseases to human. Sometimes I feel sad when people purposely killing snake by driving over it when they see the snake crossing on the road or just shoot them with the gun. So I really respect that you did right thing to the ecosystem.

  3. Kemang - takut pun takut jugak , seronok pun seronok jugak
    Zoey - thank you for visiting. People have the tendency to kill every snake that they find , regardless of wheter it is a harmless snake or not

  4. huhuhu...salam singgah...

    gua lak...takut sama ular + geli ngan dua2 gua takut..ekekek