Saturday, November 12, 2011

Goose meat -daging angsa

I\'m very sure not many of you had ever tasted goose meat before. I had been searching for goose meat for sale for quite some time now and i had never imagine that it was located just a few kilometer from my house.It was extremely difficult to find goose meat , i had google the net for supplier and most of them is out of stock.Lastly i went to the veterinar department in sungai buloh and they had given me the contact number of of a breeder which coincidently located not far from my house.

The cost per bird is quite expensive also at rm250 but i\'m willing to close one eyes on the cost as these bird is very hard to come by . Not satisfied with just eating the goose , i requested to be involved in the whole process.From catching the geese , slaughtering and cutting the meat itself.I bring in the whole family to watch the entire process as i want to expose my kids on the reality of life - your average kentucky fried chicken and mcdonald
does not came ready made from the supermarket. To my suprise even my wife had never seen an animal being slaughtered.

I could see a significant difference between goose and other poultry. The skin of a geese is thicker with less fat.The flesh is a bit darker and look more or less like a beef.The feather of a goose is significantly more than other poultry which make the process of removing the feathers more difficult.To actually involve in the whole process is really a satisfying experience and it make me more appreciative on whatever is being serve on my plate.Will blog later on the taste.

The skin need to be burn to remove the fine hair


  1. Salam, Besar dan berat nampaknya angsa tu ya..

  2. Salam , angsa tu bulu je tebal , kalau nak kira betul2 bila dah buang bulu tak besar mana pun

  3. Kalau lalu Changlung singgah gerai depan T-Hotel. Minggu lepas setelah sekian lama saya mencuba kembali Kari Angsa di sini. Di gerai ini ada kambing, ayam kampung dan angsa. Gerai buka 7.30 am - 2.00 pm

  4. Agak2, berapa harga pasaran daging angsa