Sunday, November 20, 2011

Photo hunting in Tanjung Karang-swallow

I was xploring area around tanjung karang when i spotted a group of swallow doing low level areial manouver. I was a very difficult shot as the birds were flying at such a high speed and their small size made it very difficult to focus . I set my camera into high speed drive and in no time i maxxed out my 8 gig memory card . Within half an hours i took a total of 500 shot with a success rate of only 2%. 


  1. cool!
    lagi cool kalau snap sampai brung tu betul-betul landing.
    tapi yg ni pun dh smart

  2. Janggel n java dove -susah gile nak amik this shot sebab pergerakan dia laju dan susah nak diramal . Kalau background takde kereta lagi cun