Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bukit Melawati and taman ikan air tawar kuala selangor

Aarrghhh eerrrrgghhh aaarrrgghhh , don't know what to write . I\'ve been scratching my head for almost an hour hoping that it would trigger and release some hidden neuron responsible for generating ideas but to no avail.

Just enjoy the photo for this entry which i took in bukit melawati and taman ikan air tawar kuala selangor.There is a tram at the foothill which will take you to both places and it will only cost you rm 3 , pretty cheap huh!.Do check on the following link if you need more info on bukit melawati especially on the historical aspect of it.Overall this place is ok and a great place to bring your family over the weekend.

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  1. Tak singgah Pantai Jeram? Banyak seafood fresh kat situ...

  2. Mmg ada , next posting saya letak

  3. haah jeram syok ada seafood... huh..