Sunday, December 04, 2011

Daging landak - porcupine meat

Recently a friend of mine had given me a small portion of porcupine meat from his hunting trip in johor. I was delighted as i had always wonder how the raw meat look like.The skin of the porcupine was thick at around 3 mm with a distinctive pattern on it.The meat was cut in small pieces and added with tumeric powder, garlic , ginger , curry powder and it was deep fried.

The texture was extra smooth and very soft.In fact it was softer that chicken meat.For me it was very delicious but i can't say the same for the rest of my family. The don't have the stomach for it due to its strong flavour and smell.The taste was very distinctive and there was no other comparison for it.I had eaten porcupine meat before , cooked rendang style but the flavour of the spices was intense and it had overshadow he original flavour of the meat.Another first for Xplorer.


  1. they looked good after frying. I've never heard about people hunting for porcupine,it is permissible to do that? (just asking)

  2. TK penah makan skali seumur hidup. My auntie masak lemak kuning kering and pedas style negeri sembilan. Sedap sangat! Saya suka tapi susah nak jumpa!

  3. Zoey - you must have a hunting license to hunt a porcupine . In malaysia , it's rare but not so uncommon , i know a few people who had rear porcupine for its meat

    Tk- mmg biasa org masak lemak , tapi kali ni saja goreng sebab nak rasa daging original

    Aiesha-check out my posting on SELERA RIMBA kat sabak bernam . Kedai ni ada jual daging landak