Saturday, December 03, 2011

Gerai Pak Usop - Gulai patin tempoyak, Temerloh , Pahang

The whole family had develop a craving for gulai ikan patin, particularly gulai ikan patin pak usop. We were willing to travel nearly 2 hours just for it and every time we will "tapau" and make sure our supply of gulai ikan patin will last us for one week.I hate durian and i hate tempoyak even more . My father had offered me rm1000 if i could finish off a whole durian which i immediately reject , even at rm10000 i would still reject .At rm100k i will consider but not guarantee and at 1 million i will give it a try , he he.So the fact that i had a craving for gulai masak tempoyak defied logic.I guess it was one of those unsolved mystery of the universe.He he.

A bowl of patin will cost you rm 8 ringgit and for your info this is the normal patin sangkar . The expensive version of this fish is patin buah which will cost you anywhere between 30 to 70 ringgit per piece . I haven't tasted patin buah before and it wasn't available at gerai pak usop , but i had seen it before at Pekan Sari Temerloh and it was very expensive , very rare and in very high demand.

The texture of ikan patin is very soft with a smooth texture. Some people prefer the tail section but my personal favourite is the belly section.The belly flesh is extra smooth and fatty which make it premium.The gravy is yellowish and a bit spicy.Do give it a try and you will understand why i love this dish so much but do come early as this stall tend to get overcrowded all the time and especially more during lunch hours.

Address-B12, Gerai MPT Lurah Semantan.
GPS-N3.44917 E102.42285

Overall experience- A


  1. Aiyoo...hang buat aku lapar laaaa!!
    You are really craving for Patin haa...many times already I saw you writing here and in FB about ikan Patin :)

    p/s: I don't like durian and tempoyak too. Sama le kita... :)

  2. Aku kena badi patin. Nak buang badi nak kena jumpa tok moh

  3. supply for a week???? hahahaha gilos!!!!! Ekaw pun samo cam den nih haaaa.... tobat lillah takkan makan raw durian, kalao ado orang offer banglo sebijik ke, lamborgini sebuah ke, baru larr boleh nak dipertimbangkan.... erk?!!!! haduiiiii kembang tekak nak pikir nak jolok kat mana durian tu!!!

    den pun ada misteri gak.... raw durian mentah tolak mentah2.... but i'm so into kuah durian!!! i can even cook it myself bila kuah durian tu dah terbayang-bayang.... heheheh.... ntah hape2 je kan!! den pun tak paham camner leh jadi camtu :D

  4. Perghhh -lagi melampau ekau ni , siap LEMBUGINI lagi , he he. Setiap manusia ada kepelikannya sendiri

  5. Teringin teringin. Rasa rasa biasa sampai kedai ni sekali.

  6. Og-kalau dah teringin apa kata esok pi sana . Kalauegi hari ahad
    Lagi best sebab ada pekan sari.

  7. Memang tak leh challenge gulai ikan patin kat temerloh esp kat gerai ni! Meleleh air liur mengenangkan keenakannya kuahnya tu. Pnah duduk Temerloh dulu for 4 years. Kenangan terindah kat sana is gulai ikan patinnya.BTW i makan kuah gulainya sahaja. Ikan dalam gulai tak berapa pandai makan. Ikan patin goreng je I makan.

  8. He he , rugi tu tak makan patin . Apa lagi yg best kat temerloh

  9. Last sekalik ke Temerloh bulan puasa last year..memang x sah ke sana kalau x makan patin dan minum air jagung...sedapnyerrrr....

  10. Mmg btul , tak sah kalau tak singgah gerai patin