Monday, November 28, 2011

Xplorer Jr 2

Picture of my youngest daughter.Every day she's becoming more and more like her mummy while on the other hand my eldest daughter is becoming more and more like her dad.She seems very interested in everything that i do especially my passion towards photography.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tasik bera , pahang

The family was in Temerloh yesterday for lunch at gerai pak usop (gulai tempoyak ikan patin) when we decided to extend our journey to Tasik Bera , about 67km from Temerloh.The road was windy and scenic traversing malay village alongside Pahang river .I was driving and at the same time daydreaming about riding my harley bike navigating the sometime sharp s bend . Daydreaming while driving is dangerous but sometime it makes the long journey more fun and interesting.

Bera Lake (Tasik Bera in Malay) is a natural freshwater lake system, located in southwest Pahang, Malaysia in the saddle of the main and eastern mountain ranges of Peninsular Malaysia, extending 35 km long and 20 km wide, drainings into the Pahang River.
As the largest freshwater swamp in Peninsular Malaysia, Tasik Bera or Bera Lake remains both a unique and remote wetland wilderness. Surrounded by a patchwork of dry lowland dipterocarp forests, the lake environment includes islands of peat swamp forests. Rich in wildlife and vegetation, the ecosystem which supports a diversity of a nimal and plant life, and sustains the livelihood of the Semelai branch of the Orang Asli people inhabiting the wetlands.
It has been protected under the Ramsar Convention since November 1994, which allows traditional use of the area to continue. The core zone consists of 260 km² and the buffer zone of 275 km².

Jalan ke tasik bera

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Laksa janggus, penang

Arguably the best laksa in malaysia .The laksa is amazing and couple this with the fact that the stall is nestled in a scenic traditional malay village in kampung perlis balik pulau make this place the number one spot for laksa.A bowl of laksa will cost you rm 2.50 , quite cheap if you take into consideration the generous portion per serving.In KL i believe it will cost you between 5-8 ringgit fora good quality laksa per bowl.
Before you reach this place you will be mesmerise by the scenic view of the paddy field and further up there is pasir panjang beach which i will blog in my next entry.
Overall experience= A
Gps coordinate =E100 12 12.6 N5 18 37.2

Scenery before you reach laksa janggus stall

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Photo hunting in Tanjung Karang-swallow

I was xploring area around tanjung karang when i spotted a group of swallow doing low level areial manouver. I was a very difficult shot as the birds were flying at such a high speed and their small size made it very difficult to focus . I set my camera into high speed drive and in no time i maxxed out my 8 gig memory card . Within half an hours i took a total of 500 shot with a success rate of only 2%. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Xplorer, xplorer jr,xplorer jr2

Xplorer jr2

Xplorer jr


Do you see the similarity ?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sup angsa

Daging angsa ni kalau dibuat sup memang paling sedap kalau nak dibandingkan dengan jenis masakan yang lain. Tapi sebelum di masak , daging angsa perlu di kukus terlebih dulu kalau tak daging akan terlalu keras untuk dimakan.Tekstur daging angsa memang sesuai di buat sup sebab isinya agak liat sikit.Terbaek!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Goose meat -daging angsa

I\'m very sure not many of you had ever tasted goose meat before. I had been searching for goose meat for sale for quite some time now and i had never imagine that it was located just a few kilometer from my house.It was extremely difficult to find goose meat , i had google the net for supplier and most of them is out of stock.Lastly i went to the veterinar department in sungai buloh and they had given me the contact number of of a breeder which coincidently located not far from my house.

The cost per bird is quite expensive also at rm250 but i\'m willing to close one eyes on the cost as these bird is very hard to come by . Not satisfied with just eating the goose , i requested to be involved in the whole process.From catching the geese , slaughtering and cutting the meat itself.I bring in the whole family to watch the entire process as i want to expose my kids on the reality of life - your average kentucky fried chicken and mcdonald
does not came ready made from the supermarket. To my suprise even my wife had never seen an animal being slaughtered.

I could see a significant difference between goose and other poultry. The skin of a geese is thicker with less fat.The flesh is a bit darker and look more or less like a beef.The feather of a goose is significantly more than other poultry which make the process of removing the feathers more difficult.To actually involve in the whole process is really a satisfying experience and it make me more appreciative on whatever is being serve on my plate.Will blog later on the taste.

The skin need to be burn to remove the fine hair