Saturday, January 28, 2012

Colmar tropicale , bukit tinggi pahang

The whole family went to bukit tinggi for a short family escapade.The decision on choosing bukit tinggi was due to its close proximity to KL.We just want to get out from the fast pace city life into a place where we could relax and unwind.It was off-peak and we got a very good rate of rm238 per night . The food was rather expensive and due to a very limited budget , we went to kampung janda baik which was around 30 minutes driving to have our dinner.At night there was a performance by a group of dancers at the stage in the middle of the hotel compound .
There's nothing much that you can do over here besides golfing,visiting the rabbit farm,japanese garden and few other other activity.What i enjoy the most is waking up early in the morning opening up the window into a very fantastic view of the surrounding forest .
My daughters really enjoy the short stay in bukit tinggi and seeing them happy is enough to make me happy and unwind.

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  1. teringat dikala pengantin fresh..g Bukit Tinggi larikan diri dari umah mak men nak dating ngan BFF yg tentibe jadik husband kat sini...hahahhaha

  2. OMG xplorer, the girls are so big now and so pretty!!! dah lama akak tak menjenguk, glad to see the family so happy & well...and u're still travelling places ya, thts good. akak pun kalau bole nak start backpacking now tht the kiddoes are all grown.

    Nak tgk where u'll be heading for next lol..take care :)

  3. Tq kak . Skarang ni focus jalan local je sebab susah nak bergerak kalau pi oversea trip desaru.

  4. baby dah besar!!!!!!! wow cepatnya masa berlalu!!!!!!!!!!!

    den ingat ekaw pi jalan penang minggu nih eh??? hahaha