Monday, February 13, 2012

My first experience in an operation theatre

I was admitted in SDMC yesterday for a minor operation to remove a small lump below my tounge . I had never been admitted before and therefore this is another first for xplorer.

The nurses came at 6am today and ask me to prepare for my operation . I was ask to change into a very revealing and sexy "nightgown".I was cool and confident until i was ask to lie down in the strecther and push into an operation theatre filled with nurses.I had always consider myself having a high level of threshold for pain but the sight of needle , scissors and knife made me nervous.

The procedure was done under local anhestesia and since it was done within my facial area, i could hear the snipping sound quite clearly and i tell you that it was not pleasant at all.After 40 minutes the whole procedure was over and as i lie in the ot room waiting for the doctor to do the stitches i was adamant that this is the first and the last OT experience for me , i need to take care of my body more seriously.

In the ward with the nurse .yours truely was admitted for one day for a minor surgery.

Waiting to be admitted at the lobby with JR.


  1. me the chills lah!!

    Aku tak pernah lagi buat apa apa operation. Masuk wad pun tak pernah lagi. Minta dijauhkan la semua tu. Amin

  2. Dah ok ker???

    Makan camno????

    Omaiiiii... boleh dengar diorang buat huuuuuuuuuuuu....... *fengsan!

  3. Hairil - mmg ngeri

    Mas-boleh dengar gunting n pisau potong.ada satu masa tu doktor complain kat nurse pisau tak tajam . Dah ok dah , cuma makan susah skit