Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pulai Desaru Beach Resort

The last time i was in desaru was more than a decade ago.I was still single back then and me and my buddy drove from KL to JB and then to mersing for pulau tioman. We had a brief stop in desaru and back then i thought desaru was just plain and boring . There was virtually nothing except a long stretch of beach.
Now being there again with my kids and family trailing along , the feel and perception about desaru change altogether. This place is really cool , there's plenty of activity that you can do with your family and plus the seaside is really amazing.The kids enjoy playing in the white clean sand while i enjoy dosing off under the cabana amid the seabreeze.
The whole family stayed at the PULAI DESARU BEACH RESORT , an excellent value for money 4 star hotel.The room is huge with excellent service and facility and it only cost us RM 188 pernight.Overall i do recommend this place and the whole family really enjoy our stay here , in fact we had decided that we will come back again for a second trip hopefully in the near future.
Seeing my kids enjoying themselves in the pool and the beach is enough to make me happy and unwind.A family is haven in a heartless world.


  1. Mas-mmg berbaloi baloi , aku suggest ko pi honeymoon kat sana ngan ...........he he

  2. leh pergi nie.. kampung pun kat mersing... thanks for sharing!