Saturday, February 11, 2012

Telur Ostrich goreng

Went to the Desaru ostrich farm recently in johor to purchase an ostrich egg.It cost me RM 60 for an egg and it weigh around 1.4 kg.I was told by one of the staff there that an ostrich egg contain no cholesterol and an egg is equivalent to 20 chicken egg.The egg shell is quite thick around 2.5mm and to open it properly while preserving the shell require the usage of a handrill as per ilustrated below.

An ostrich egg taste like a normal chicken egg when fried but there is a significant difference in term of texture,the texture is smoother and fluffier.The ratio of egg white to egg yolk is greater by 1 to 4 and it doesn't smell "hanyir" like a chicken egg.

1st step:identify the air sac . The air sac could be easily identified by using a torch light.It's an equivalent of an air bubble inside the egg.Then carefully drill the air sac area by using a stone grinder.Make sure that you dont break the membrane inside.

Step 2 : using a nail , puncture a small hole at the other end of the egg.This will ensure that the yolk inside flow smoothly through the other end.

Step 3 :break the membrane and the egg yolk will Flow through smoothly


  1. Wah! Such huge egg!!! Tak pernah terfikir macamana org pecahkan telur tu..Thanx for sharing this.

  2. Bro, kalau pecahkan macam biasa tak boleh ke?

  3. Kalau pecah macam biasa pun boleh jugak tapi rugi ler. Telur dah rm60 sebijik , kalau pecah guna drill kulit dia aku leh buat souvenier, he he.kat desaru kulit telur yg siap di hias diaorg jual rm 200 sebijik