Sunday, March 18, 2012

Masakan hidung lembu/cow nose

Picture and original story courtesy from zakuan hasan

Never in my wildest imagination would i imagine that the nose of a cow is actually edible . In a scale of 1 to 10 , i consider this as 10 on my list of bizzare food.Not sure about the taste though, but i would really really like to sample it at least once.

The nostril must first be grilled on an open fire to remove the fine hair and to break out the outer hard layer of the nostril.The charred outer layer of the nostril is then removed and it will be then cut into small pieces . I was told that in kelantan this food is quite common and was added into a soup .

For my readers out there ,please leave a comment if you have any info on where i could buy a cooked cow nose .


  1. What about pasar chow kit, my confinement lady dulu ada tolong belikan memacam from there, buah pinggang lembu, limpa hati paru2 ekor etc..

  2. Wow, I'm not sure I'll try it but I'm quite certain it tastes good.

  3. wow ... good one ... but I never tried it ..

  4. lady - rasanya kat chow kit takde bende mcm ni

    ocean - yup it certainly taste good with mild salty flavour , ha ha

    jelly - same with me

    cathj- biasanya benda2 yang geli tu yg paling sedap