Tuesday, March 27, 2012


There are time in your life where difficult decision must be made in order to move on . Well i guess that i had reached a juncture when a decision must be made which could alter the course of my life . Having said that , sometime i wonder what actually trigger a person to change ?
There is a saying that things which doesn't kill you will eventually make you stronger , there is some truth to that statement but my question is : how do you determine enough is enough?

I'm currently alone , at a clubhouse away from home , deep in thought about my future . Intermittently gazing left and right for ideas and inspiration . But nothing seems to come from it . Apart from looking and planning for the future , i'm very grateful for the almighty for whatever i had achieve at present . The quest for change doesn't necessarily meant that i'm not grateful for what i have . I'm at my comfort zone longer than i had anticipated and i guess it's time to move on........


  1. Slmt maju jaya dlm apa bidang yg dipilih.

    Saya tukar karier exactly 40 yr. Dari practitioner ke academic. Ternyata byk bezanya. Menyesal tidak! Tapi masih terindu-rindu alam practitioner. Mujurlah masih ada job related lagi.

  2. Rasanya bila lead ana tak mengizinkan , Manisa perlu berubah