Friday, May 11, 2012

Fish Maw / sup perut ikan

i was in kuantan recently when i saw this funny looking " keropok " selling at rm40 per small pack. Naively I ask the seller why is this so called keropok is so damn expensive and he replied that it was actually an air bladder of ikan kurau which had been dried and deep fried.The most interesting part of this story is that there is no malay word for fish maw (further verified by mr GOOGLE n ms WIKI)and the chinese guy even told me that i was the first malay buyer he ever encountered buying fish maw.I googled further and found out that fish maw is a very rich source of collagen and could improve your complexion.

Before cooking it , the fish maw must be soaked in water for 2-3 hours to soften it and then squezzed the excess water and oil . I was told that Fish maw is best made into soup by adding mushroom and red date (chinese styled soup).But i feel that a chinese style soup is very bland and decided to add a malay touch into it by making it spicy and sour.The fish maw act like a sponge by absorbing all the flavour around it , it's actually tasteless with a strong fishy smell.The texture is a bit chewy but honestly it's not my cup of tea.
another first for xplorer.


  1. Exotic food nih...sedap ke ?

  2. nak kata sedap tak sedap sgt , rasanya sedikit hanyir tapi unik

  3. It'a a chinese add a subtle but unique flavor to the soup. Your way of cooking it masked out that flavor...try cooking it the chinese style maybe you would change your mind. One of my malay friend just love fish maw much to my suprise. Google for recipe.